Configuration modules

The rc_cube provides several configuration modules which enable the user to configure the rc_cube for specific applications.

The configuration modules are:

  • Hand-eye calibration (rc_hand_eye_calibration)
    enables the user to calibrate the camera with respect to a robot, either via the Web GUI or the REST-API.
  • CollisionCheck (rc_collision_check)
    provides an easy way to check if a gripper is in collision.
  • Camera calibration (rc_stereocalib)
    enables the user to check and perform camera calibration via the WEB GUI.
  • IO and Projector Control (rc_iocontrol)
    provides control over the sensor’s general purpose inputs and outputs with special modes for controlling an external random dot projector.

These modules are pipeline specific, which means that they run inside each camera pipeline. Changes to their settings or parameters only affect the corresponding pipeline and have no influence on the other camera pipelines running on the rc_cube.